Breaking the taboos!

July 26, 2022Campaigns

We are here for you! It’s time for us to stop treating sex like it’s something forbidden or shameful. We are aware that it’s not the easiest subject to discuss, but at Fundashon Famia Plania we believe that we can only start breaking the taboos by talking about it. By making information and education accessible … Read More

Projects & Support

January 11, 2022Instruction

Besides offering a safe space for education about sexual and reproductive health, the FFP strives at being a center for research and education. Providing structural support to our community and schools, by offering workshops, classes and specialized educational programs.  Read about our recent projects below. Are you a school or institution in search of educational … Read More

Support program for young mothers

January 11, 2022Instruction

Choose for success This program is solely focused on young and teenage mothers. The goal is to offer these mothers a brighter outlook on their futures, offering tools and support for them to develop skills and methods of providing for themselves and their families. With workshops, training and career planning these mothers are offered ways … Read More

Welcome to the new website

January 11, 2022Interviews

Welcome to Fundashon Famia Plania’s new website! We are excited to offer this platform as a resource for anyone who needs information about reproductive health. Fundashon Famia Plania is here to provide you with a safe, confidential space to ask questions about STDs, testing, birth control, and sexual health. Our goal is to give you … Read More

Facts & Fiction about STDs

January 11, 2022Campaigns

It’s important to know that we aren’t here to judge anyone who has an STD. We’re just here to help you get tested so you can stay safe and healthy, no matter what the results are. Take the quiz below and see how up to date you are about your sexual health! Need more info? … Read More

Supporting young mothers and families

January 5, 2022Shared IPPF 1 Comment

With a hands-on approach, Fundashon Famia Plania makes work of taking our educational programs to those who need it. We understand that advice about contraception and information about sexual health, like STD’s and birth control, often is not readily available. Because we strongly believe in easy access to information and education, we regularly organize workshops … Read More