A wide variety of health information

FFP can assist you with a wide variety of information and reproductive health services. Besides offering a wide array of educational programs, the FFP also offers STD testing, contraceptives and  sexual health consultations with medical professionals.

Do you need information on sexual health?
Let us help! We offer all the information you need to know about your sexual health. 
What the FPP offers is of such great importance to the local community, that we’ve made it our mission to make sure that everyone has access to the products and services that we offer. Consultations with our doctors and health care providers are free and our products, such as birth control are offered at a reduced rate, making it accessible to all who need this.

How we support you

We offer services, products and information about sexual and reproductive health. 

1. Services offered: STD tests and application of various birth control methods.

2. Products: birth control and emergency contraception pills, injectables, Implants, IUDs and condoms.

3. Consultation services with: doctors, health care providers.

4. General Sexual Educational programs offered in schools, institutions and to general public

Information Center

FFP has an office where you can stop by from Monday to Friday from 8 to 4 for questions, information or advice on contraceptives. 

The FFP provides extensive information about a broad array of topics regarding sexual health. We provide services and information regarding:

• Sexual health 

• Reproductive health

• General preventative checkups 

• Safe sex

• Family planning

• Gender based violence

Additional Services Offered


Birth control

Workshops & Education