Projects & Support

Besides offering a safe space for education about sexual and reproductive health, the FFP strives at being a center for research and education. Providing structural support to our community and schools, by offering workshops, classes and specialized educational programs.

Read about our recent projects below. Are you a school or institution in search of educational support related to sexual and repdroductive health? Get in touch with us today!

Community Support & Education

• Projects Promoting safe sex
• Prevention and community outreach programs during events and in neighborhoods
• Extra focus on vulnerable communities
• Projects for the prevention of unplanned pregnancies
• Projects to educate young families

Support program for young mothers

This program is solely focused on young and teenage mothers. The goal is to offer these mothers a brighter outlook on their futures, offering tools and support for them to develop skills and methods of providing for themselves and their families. With workshops, training and career planning these mothers are offered ways to improve their lives with a hands-on approach.

The goal of this project was to:

• Provide knowledge and information about birth control methods

• Provide insights and reasons to start birth control

• Provide information about where to go for additional questions and information regarding needs & care.

• Information about STDs and prevention

• Guidance for young mothers and families regarding family planning

• Empowering families