What do we stand for

Providing care and support since 1965 

Founded in Curaçao in 1965, Fundashon Famia Plania works to make sexuality and reproductive health accessible for everyone. Even when talking about sex and reproductive health seems like a serious taboo, we are here to create a safe space for you to get the information and support that you need. 

At Fundashon Famia Plania we believe each citizen has the right to information about sexuality, sexual and reproductive health.  As such, FFP is a foundation that seeks to advocate equity of access and quality services that encourage, educate and empower the most vulnerable sectors of the population in the aim of building a safer, healthier, more inclusive community where all individuals can lead lives in line with their values and choices, without restrictions.

Vision & Mission

Sexuality is a basic element in the life of every person. Every individual and also the socially less well-off persons within society have the right to engage in family planning. Fundashon Famia Plania aims to prevent unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions and STDs and to contribute to an increased quality of life by organizing preventive activities in the field of reproductive health care. Furthermore, Famia Plania encourages organizations within our community, including the government, to take their responsibility with regard to legislation dealing with reproductive health. Fundashon Famia Plania aims to achieve its goals by:

• Creating awareness regarding sexual and reproductive health

• Providing access to safe, affordable and effective contraceptive methods

• Training key groups within society in sexual health education

• Provide information regarding sexual reproductive rights ( legislation) e.g. children’s rights

• Providing free access to sexual health services

• Facilitating research about sexual health and publishing information and research papers.